The XXIV UNISINOS International Philosophy Colloquium aims to promote a discussion on the main themes of the contemporary debate in Philosophy of Religion such as:  what is the epistemic status of religious beliefs? Is it possible to have arguments for or against the rationality of religious beliefs? Are science and religion compatible?
In addition to these general themes, two round tables are planned: one on the thinking of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein about religious beliefs and another on Science and Faith.
Keywords: Philosophy of religion, Faith and reason, Wittgenstein and religious beliefs

What are the goals?
- to develop and share research on Philosophy of Religion at national and international level.
- to analyze and discuss concepts and issues in philosophy of religion
- To present and discuss the academic productions of students, professors, researchers in the field of Philosophy of religion and related subjects, from both UNISINOS and other educational institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Who is it intended for?
general public

Carga horária
25:30 hours

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